About Us

As a customer of Superior Metal Products, you can expect a high level of intimacy from the time of initial RFQ, until your finished parts arrive on time.

our team:

The heart of our company is 50 highly qualified driven individuals covering two production shifts.

our core values:

Safety, Efficiency and Pride drive process development decisions for every project.

our quality management system: iso 9001: certified

Robust control plans drive consistency & assure customer specifications are met with every job.

our facility:

30,000 sq ft with year round climate control.

our equipment:

State of the art, continually upgraded for maximum efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

our competitive sweet spot:

Medium to large runs, 50 piece lot sizes and up.

Contact us for more information about our company, to schedule a visit, to discuss your project(s) or to request a quote. sales@superiormetalinc.com