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About Us

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Superior Metal Products, Inc.

Superior Metal Products is dedicated to manufacturing high quality products, efficiently, providing timely deliveries and creating an atmosphere with continuous improvement where all employees strive to exceed customer expectations.

Our Promise

As a Superior Metal Products customer, you can expect a high level of detail surrounding your project(s), from timely RFQ response through on time shipment of your completed parts.

our team

The heart of our company is 50 highly qualified driven individuals covering two production shifts.

our core values

Safety, Efficiency and Pride drive process development decisions for every project.

Our Partner

Superior Metal Products and Van Becelaere Machine Works merged in September of 2021. Among many benefits, are increased capacity and larger workpiece capability.

Our quality management system

Robust control plans assure consistency and compliance to customer specifications with every job.

our facility

30,000 sq ft, air conditioned, bright LED lighting, clean and organized.

Our competitive sweet spot

Medium to large production runs, 100-piece lot sizes and up. We carefully select work appropriately suited to our manufacturing and material handling equipment.

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